Happy new year!

We’re welcoming in the year of the horse and we’ve recently added a Facebook page for everyone to check out our schedule, training and to get general information from (and post questions).

Check it out here.


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No training today

Due to a pulled muscle I will not be running a class today (lavender).

Next week I should be back.

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Today 17th

Unfortunately no training tonight.

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No training tonight. Practice gogyo/sanshin at home! Enjoy.

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Tuesday 6th August

No training this day.

Tuesdays back on next week.

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Hi all. A heads up notice that there will be no training on Tuesday’s on the 11th, 18th and 25th of June.

Do arrange training with the other groups.

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Tuesday 14th May

Unfortunately there is no training this Tuesday. We’ll continue our look at hanbo and ten part of the TCJ next week.

Please remember that there are classes on Thursdays with JJ and Sundays with Jacek.


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